Real-time customer reviews it’s the way to address complains fast and better

Experts predict that by 2020, 85% of all customer service interactions will be handled without the need for a human agent (Source: Gartner Projects).

Automation is everywhere these days enabling users to accomplish a wide range of tasks – from ordering pizza, checking luggage at the airport, booking a hotel room, right through to booking a doctor’s appointment.

Customer service is no exception, and it does not depend on the industry.

Another fact is, in 2015, the number people using messaging apps passed social media. Besides communicating with friends and colleagues, people are increasingly using messaging apps to interact with brands.

Messaging services are a brand new space for organizations to connect with customers. One of the purpose customers are expecting to connect to brands by messaging is in customer feedback.

In today’s mobile-first economy, customers are more connected than before. They do not wait to get home and write a review after a poor interaction.

Instead, they post immediately to social media or complain directly via messaging apps.

What options brands have?

Therefore, brands have to options:

  • Provide a customer reviews tool – by doing that brands give customers the chance to complain and managers the chance to address them fast, turns unhappy customers into happy ones:
  • Let customers give feedback on social media – Some will even capturing their negative experiences through live video and spread their poor experiences to the public.

A tool for customer reviews it is one more customer touch-points and one you control.

In addition, of course, the tool has to be simple as a smile and take less than Usain Bolt to run the 100 meters in (Exactly 9.81 seconds in Rio Olympics).

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