By Michael Moore

Keep these principles in mind

Keep these principles in mind to serve customers in a way that makes them feel heard and stay loyal to your company.

 Much has been written about customer service, but to gain an increased understanding of customer service, let’s put it the other way around. Instead of saying customer service, let’s say servicing the customer. The importance of customer service, then, becomes the quality of service given to the customer.

So, what quality of customer service is appropriate to give? Should it be the economically irreducible minimum your company can afford? Should it be giving service to the point where the customer’s expectations are exceeded in their own estimation? Or is it somewhere in between?


3 principles to be your guide

  1. The customer always thinks they’re right.

No customer has ever considered that they are wrong. Even if they say they are, deep down, they still consider themselves right. In Asia, a guiding motto is that “the customer is king.”

  1. The customer thinks they are the top priority.

No customer ever said, “I am second priority.” No customer ever jumped on a plane when it was announced, “The pilot for this flight is our second (or third or fourth) best pilot, but he is still very good.” And any passengers already on the plane would be fighting to get off the moment they heard that announcement.

  1. The customer holds the whip.

The customer has the final weapon. At any time during the sale or negotiation, they can say that dreaded word: NO.

Therefore, the main criteria is that the service given to a customer does the following:

  • Treats the customer as if they are right
  • Makes it plain that that individual customer is your top priority
  • Makes it hard or impossible to say no