Ask for reviews and assure that you receive good reviews

Ask five-star reviewers to cross-post their reviews

Your customer was thrilled with your service or product. You have an in-store customer feedback system and your customer left you a fantastic review.

Related imageAnd now you’re done, right? …. Well, if you feel comfortable being average, then you can say you hit the jackpot.

But if you really want to be recognized/distinguish by your quality service and/or product, then there is still 2 more small actions to take that make all the difference.

First, you have to reach out to your client and thank him for his review. Second, you ask him to go the extra mile and leave the same review on additional third-party review sites.

At that point, you will know that your customer is a super fan. Congratulations!

Intercepting negative customer reviews before they damage your business

By Mark Sutton

“I really wanted to capture the unhappy customer before they went there [social media], or left a bad review. I had this thought that if you take care of the customer’s needs quickly the positive reviews will happen organically. (…)

Acknowledging the difficulty in getting customers to fill out anything that requires more than a few clicks, (..) – it was necessary to have a simple feedback tool  – to quickly address the customer’s problems before their negative feeling spreads.

“If you can save just one unhappy customer a year any system pays for itself. The feedback tool hopefully keeps them in your store and away from doing damage by badmouthing the store elsewhere”.


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