10-Second Customer Reviews

Review10 is the simplest and fastest customer review service available. Allows customers to tell you what can be improved and contact the manager if required. Setup takes 2 minutes.

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How Does It Work


Configure QR Codes

Create an account and configure you first QR Code in less than 2 minutes. Then you can print it on receipts, display it on a counter, place it on your website or add it to emails you send. Customers will review you by scanning or clicking. Super easy.

Collect 10-Second Reviews

It takes literally 10 seconds for customers to review your service on a scale of 1 to 10 and to tell you what they like most or less about it. Having the choice to notify the manager means peace of mind to the customer and the manager.

Analyse and Act

You analyse your real-time review data report to discover trends, zoom in to identify what you need to improve and what customers love best. With your QR Codes performance charts you will know what makes you succeed or fail.

Suitable For Any Scenario

Customer Service

Place a QR Code on the counter next to the cashier and ask your customers for a 10-second review. As a manager, you will gain insights on your employee and service quality, especially as you cannot always be there yourself.

Websites and Apps

Place a 10-second review link on your website or app and collect the opinion from your users about it. It will help you determine what features they like and which they dislike, therefore helping you improve them.

Receipts and Invoices

Adding a QR Code on printed receipts is the easiest way to collect 10-second reviews from your customers. If they did not like the service they will have a fast way to let you know, before reaching social media and damage your reputation.

Helpdesk Emails

Add a 10-second review link to each help desk email you send your customers and make them know you care about their opinion. You will also know how to improve your help desk service and who from your team is doing a better job.


End your newsletters with a 10-second review QR Code that customers can either scan or click. Know how much they liked it and what about it they liked most or less. Your open rate will go thru the roof if you ask and then listen.

Be Creative

Any scenario where you interact with your customer is an opportunity to collect valuable 10-second feedback. You can do it on emails you deliver, on customer proposals or other documents, business cards, product catalogs…

Employees get an instant boost in motivation

“The most interesting side-effect of implementing Review10 is that employees get a boost in motivation by knowing customers can review their service and contact the manager right there and then if needed. It works wonders.”

Ana Ventura

Business Owner, Retail

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